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Desk Maid

Train, feed, and care for your own personal cute desktop assistant! · By Z3r0M1x


Recent updates

The future of Desk Maid
We've been hinting at some new developments coming, and we've taken your feedback and interests to heart. We will have more info coming soon, including a new te...
Added tool button, which will allow tool changes for interaction with the maid changed how the menus open and close Updated bar colors to represent their purpos...
2 files
Added support for DirectX 12 (experimental) renderer Added support for Vulkan (experimental) renderer modified status bars (blue = hunger, pink = affection, yel...
1 file
Added new animations Added NSFW regions to prepare for NSFW release Added early NSFW reaction Added basic eating animation action when given food Added early st...
1 file
Added chicken leg, onigiri, and cupcake models Added fork, cupcake, and onigiri icons Clicking the food item will now hand that food item to your maid Fixed lig...
1 file
Fixed some of the issues with the hand clipping, still some left Added food menu Added banana button, so you can give Mai a banana Added transitions to the butt...
1 file
Added configuration screen Added refrigerator for feeding your maid (just toggles display currently) Added buttons for both the configuration screen and feeding...
1 file
Updated runtime to .NET CLR 4.5 Increased OS integration Added notification icon, preparing for tray menu Added framework for drag and drop from external source...
1 file
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